Since 2015 The Long Shot Exp. has been creating individually made, hand crafted hats in Manchester. Initially focusing on bucket hats, we’ve recently added two styles of cap; the workers cap and cycling cap; and a growing range of graphic t-shirts.

Influenced by subcultural styles, Long Shot designs are developed from images and imaginings found in books, magazines and films. Though we reference historical styles, our silhouettes are interpretations rather than replicas, where folk-lore and myth are as important in getting a style ‘right’ as dimensions and material.

All of The Long Shot Exp. hats are made by hand, one at a time ensuring each Long Shot product is truly unique. Our recent focus has been on sourcing fabrics with provenance. We are currently using fabrics by Brisbane Moss (based in Todmorden, they have been weaving corduroy and moleskin fabrics since the middle of the 19th Century) and British Millerain (founded in 1880 in Halifax and producing patented waterproof fabrics since 1894. Now based in Rochdale).