A Brief History of the Austin Cap

Our Austin Workers Cap began it's journey as a commission from the good people at Bionic Seven in Manchester. They wanted a deadstock German factory worker's cap remaking in a selection of fabrics and we were happy to oblige. Our love of pulling things apart to put them back together always leads to ideas of how things could be improved. So, after some pattern redrafting to simplify and streamline the original, we were ready to release our own worker's cap but what to call it? Taking influence from the source (Bionic Seven rather than the Deutsche Werkbund) we figured we'd honour the Bionic Men who brought the hat to our attention and name it after the original, Steve Austin. There you have it, the Austin Workers Cap, one of our favourites and currently available in Navy or Rust Antique waxed cotton with moleskin earflaps, all fabrics sourced from within 30 miles of Long Shot's Manchester workshop and built to last.